The works in their respective categories shall be assessed by a 8-person Jury, made up of architects and urban planners.

Grzegorz Stiasny

Biennale Curator, Poland
Architect and architectural critic, born in 1967. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology. In the years 1990-1991 he gained professional experience in British architectural offices PCKO Architects and ADS Evesham. Since 1994 – partner in ARÉ Stiasny/Wacławek. Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology since the year 2000. Expert in the European Mies van der Rohe Award competition (2013). Winner of the award of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for the best building with public financing and the main award in the “Life in Architecture” competition for the best building, Warsaw 1996-1997. Author of many critical texts, among others also “Od A do Z – alfabet architektury” (Architektura-murator 10/2004). Laureate of the prestigious SARP Honorary Award 2012 (with Jakub Wacławek). Since 2015 he is the Deputy Chairman of Association of Polish Architects SARP. The most important realisations include: Białołęka Commune Townhall (1996), Labour Office in Warsaw (2006), housing complex at Inflancka St. in Warsaw (2008), airport terminal in Lublin (2013).
fot. Roland Okoń

Dorota Szlachcic

Reporting Judge of the Competition A, Polska
Architect and urban planner. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław University of Technology (1986). Co-owner of the Szlachcic Architekci studio, Attorney of the Board, design principal at the Arc2 Fabryka Projektowa, a firm that she has been running for over 20 years along with her husband Mariusz Szlachcic. Laureate of national and international competitions, among others Himalayan Mountain Hut (2015) and architect of over a dozen important public buildings, as well as of award-winning housing estates and complexes. Laureate of the SARP Wrocław Honorary Award (2015). She also won the title of Forbes Professional in the category: Architect (2014). The most important realisations are: Osiedle na Skrzydlatej housing estate (2013), Osiedle Krzycka-Przyjaźni housing estate (2013), Afrykarium – Oceanarium (2014), all in Wrocław; KZSO Business Park in Krakow, (2015), Centrum Sportów Lotniczych i Ekstremalnych (Aerial and Extreme Sports Centre) in Mirosławice (2016).
fot. gorajka.pl

Marlena Happach

Reporting Judge of the Competition B, Poland
Architect and urban planner, born in 1977. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology. She worked in the urban planning atelier of professor Krzysztof Domaradzki. She also had an internship in Berlin, where she gained experience in revitalisation of prefabricated housing estates. M. Happach is a co-founder (and until late 2016 she was the chairman) of the Association for the Amendment of the Housing Environment „Odblokuj” which deals mainly with social participation in local planning and revitalisation. Until the Autumn 2016 she was the co-owner (along with her husband) of Happach Architekci design studio and the Chairman of the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects. She currently holds the post of the Main Architect of the City of Warsaw. She took part in the 10th Polish Edition of the international competition for young architects Europan. She won a citation in the Małgorzata Baczko and Piotr Zakrzewski competition (2005). She also won a second prize in the competition for a bus and tram stop for the city of Warsaw. She is a co-authoress (with Robert Czajka) of „Architekturki”, a book with pop-up models of well-known Varsovian buildings. Her main designs and projects are: social-urban planning revitalisation projects odNowa, Żółta Linia [Yellow line] and Blok, podwórko, kamienice [Block of flats, backyard, tenements] at the varsovian Praga district, pavilions M3 at Służew and M4 at Rakowiec housing estates.

Przemo Łukasik

Reporting Judge of the Competition C, Poland
Architect, born in 1970. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology. Studied at the Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Villemin in France. He worked in the office of P.P. Pabel Architekten in Berlin and Parisian offices Jean Nouvel Architecture and Odile Decq / Benoit Cornette. Since 1997 partner in the medusagroup office which he co-founded with Łukasz Zagała. He lectured for a year at the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris (2008). Twice nominated to the Mies van der Rohe Award (2004, 2015). Winner of many awards, including Platinum Drill (2009/2010), Eurobuild Awards in Architecture (2016) and Property Design Awards (2017). Citation in the SARP Award of the Year 2016 competition for the best building in Poland; also in the Silesian Voivodeship Architecture of the Year (2009/2010). Juror in many competitions, including the competition of the Stefan Kuryłowicz Foundation – Practice – for young architects. His most important realisations include: Bolko Loft (2001), housing and service complex in Bażantowo (2010), KTW office complex in Katowice centre (2016), office building Infinite Dreams in Gliwice (2016), interior design and environment of the Koszyki Hall in Warsaw (2016).
source: Architektura Murator

Ewa P. Porębska

Jury member, Poland
Architect, architectural critic. Studied at the Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. Editor-in-chief of the renowned “Architektura-murator” monthly and deputy chairman of the ZPR MEDIA SA. publishing house. Juror at the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2013. Member of  the Council of the European Prize for Urban Public Space and a scout of the City to City FAD Award. Jury member of the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona in the years 2008-2010. Member of the Council of the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław. She is active in the field of dissemination of the best patterns of architecture, wrote very many articles referring to those issues (in such architectural magazines as “Architektura”, “Architektura-murator”, “Detail”, “Baumeister” and others), she lectures on Polish architecture, among others at the AZW in Vienna, GSAPP Columbia University in New York and The University of Hong Kong. She initiated and co-organised many architectural exhibitions and events, including the competition „Życie w architekturze"('Life in architecture'), one of the most prominent architectural competitions in Poland. She is also the author of the concept and curator of the 'Collection of Architektura -murator for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw' , an exhibition comprising a unique collection of models of outstanding architectural realisations in Poland after the year 1989 (MSN 2014). For her achievements in the field of development and promotion of architecture she received the Medal of the Association of Polish Architects 'Bene Merentibus' as well as the Medal of the Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology. In the 2014 she was awarded with the Chevalier's Cross of the Order of Rebirth  of Poland for outstanding accomplishments in protection of spatial order and development of architecture. 
fot. Aleksi Poutanen

Rainer Mahlamӓki

Jury Member, Finland
Architect, born in 1956 r. in Finland. Graduate of the Tampere University of Technology. Since 1987 partner in the 8 Studio office, and since 1992 in Kaira-Lahdelma-Mahlamäki. He is currently partner at the Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects with the seat in England. Professor of contemporary architecture at the Oulu University (1997), head of the Museum Council at the Museum of Finnish Architecture (2006-2006), Dean (2000-2007) and Deputy Dean at the Department of Contemporary Architecture at the School of Architecture, Olulu University (2007-2011). Charman of the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA, 2007-2011). Head of the Jury at the International Architecture Awards (2009). Winner of 59 awards in architectural competitions, including 35 prizes, as well as Architectural Arts Suomi Award (1997) and Finland Prize, Ministry of Education Award (2008). His oeuvre was presented in many international magazines dealing with architecture and design, including World Architecture, DOMUS, L’Archa, Architectural Review and Detail. Among his most important realisations are: Lusto Finnish Forest Museum, Punkaharju (1994), Folks Arts Centre, Kaustinen, (1997), library in Lohja (2005), Polin – Museum of History of Polish Jews (2013, with Kuryłowicz & Associates), Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Espoo (2013).
source: ZHA

Viviana Muscettola

Jury member, Italy
Architect, born in Italy. She graduated from the first degree studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the University in Naples and got her Master in Architecture at the Architectural Association’s Design Research Laboratory (2004). She works for Zaha Hadid Architects, starting from designs for China, Holland and Italy - since 2009 as a partner and since 2014 as a senior partner. V. Muscettola holds an architectural licence in Great Britain and in Italy. She participated in many architectural competitions, among others in China, Malaysia, Egypt, Singapore, France and in Great Britain. She also is a co-winner of numerous awards, among others for designs of Riverside Museum in Glasgow, the CMA CGM skyscraper in Marseille and Architecture Foundation in London. She also participated in many international projects as a project manager and project director. The most important completed buildings are: d’Leedon residence in Singapore (2014), masterplan for Cairo Expo City in Egypt, multipurpose building in Beijing. She collaborated on such Zaha Hadid’s projects as: Moon System for B&B Italia, Dune Formations, exhibition in Padua. She currently is project director for the “City of dreams” in Macau.
fot. Tamás Bujnovszky

Andor Wesselényi-Garay

Jury Member, Hungary
Architect, born in 1969 in Hungary. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology (1994). Co-founder of the G.Y.Á.R. Ltd. architectural studio (1995-2001), which worked in all the aspects of architectural profession, starting from architectural and urban design through interiors to industrial design. Founder and manager of W-G-A PSYCHODESIGN Kft. (2001). Author of the blog www.wergida.blogspot.com devoted to independent architecture. Professor at the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology in Debrecen (2008-2011), Doctor of Science (habilitated) at the Institute of the Applied Arts of the University of West Hungary in Sopron (2011). Theoretician of architecture, correspondent and member of the council of Alaprajz (since 2000), editor-in-chief of the “Atrium” magazine (since 2006), author of circa 300 articles, essays and research results published in “Atrium”, “Alaprajz” and “r-ú MÉ” magazines. Editor-in-chief of “Sanoma” (2005-2008). Co-author of the book “Kettős vakolás” devoted to relations of literature and architecture (2013). Co-curator and co-author of the installation for the Hungarian Pavilion within the framework of the 12th International Biennale in Venice in 2010 which was cited by the Hg.hu International Design Award.